a new facebook Page for the Studio

The Studio has a NEW PAGE on FB

Why? - my profile was taken down by FB -Why? - apparently my account got h*ck/-ed

(apologies, the spelled out word attracts unwanted communications in itself)

Subsequently I was restricted and eventually totally erased. What a weird feeling. It also means I have no more access to my pages and basically have to start allover again. Apparently that is how things work in FB land. You really never get to talk to a human there

..... Well ..... I started this studio and built it up from scratch from 2012 (I mean really from nothing after my earthquake experience) That is almost 12 years of work, all by myself. So, it's a bit of a nuisance really to suddenly lose all the history on that earlier page

(b.t.w. you can still see all the photo albums here > )

I just have no way of responding to messages you send to me there though

► Still, I have risen up from the ashes before and I will keep doing this. Always with love and many thanks to all my lovely students and cheerleaders who keep supporting me,

much Love, Arohanui,

xx Joyce